Memoirs of the Torrey Botanical Society Volume 27: Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of New York State

Continuing the celebration of our 150th Anniversary, Torrey Botanical Society is pleased to announce that Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of New York State, by David Werier, is published as Volume 27 of Memoirs of the Torrey Botanical Society. The Catalogue is a much needed up-to-date account of the vascular plants known from outside of cultivation in New York State. As a result of a fresh and independent examination of the flora, the Catalogue differs significantly from previous checklists for the state and incorporates much new research.

The Catalogue’s introduction includes a summary of the past and present status of the flora in New York, starting with John Torrey’s publications in the 1840s.

The annotated species list, which includes 3,524 species, 134 additional infraspecific taxa, and 264 hybrids, contains scientific names, common names, synonyms, nativity status, nonnative status, voucher information, state ranks for rarities, and notes on certain species. Additionally, a list of taxa excluded from the flora is presented (excluded list) as well as a list of taxa that very likely occur, should occur, or soon may occur in the state (expected list). A thorough comparison is made between the Catalogue and the last previous checklist for the state.

Thirty pages of references are a testament to the extensive research involved in preparation of this scholarly treatise.

The Catalogue is 543 pages and costs $35 plus shipping and handling.

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Torrey Memoirs 27 - Front Cover and Spine

ISSN 2380128X; EISSN 2474333X; ISBN 978-0-9996525-0-3 (hardcopy); ISBN 978-0-9996525-1-0 (eBook)

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